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Motivational Quotes: Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion

Motivational Quotes: Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

Arnold Glasgow


In order to be successful, you need to constantly keep trying. You should not expect to miraculously wake up one day and find that you have tasted success. If you really do desire to be successful, the fire to perform needs to be ingrained in you right from the very start.

You should never question if you will succeed. Your part is to keep trying relentlessly day in and day out. When you have done your part, you will find that the journey is going to be exhilarating. You will begin to see the kind of success which you have always wanted to enjoy.

I remember a point of time in my life when I was not sure of myself. I was going through self esteem issues and I ended up doubting my own skills and capabilities. It had really pushed me down the road of failure. I thought that if I was meant to succeed, fate and destiny would show me the way. However, I soon realized that I was the maker of my own destiny. If I really wanted to bring in the changes, I have no one but myself to help. So, I started trying, every day, every week and every month. I stopped questioning myself and I knew that success was the only destination and there is no alternative choice for me.

Today, I am happy at how successful I am in my life. I have managed to make a life for myself and I live it on my own terms. I no longer worry about whether or not I will succeed because I know that if I keep on trying, keep on chasing my dreams without the fear of failing, sooner or later, I am going to kiss success. In order to succeed, you need to believe in yourself and you need to always strive to make a mark. Then, you will work it out, always!

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Inspirational Quotes: Start by doing what is necessary before the impossible

One Step at a Time

Have you ever had a dream that seemed impossible to reach? Have you been told to stop dreaming and start living in reality? Did you ever stand at the foot of the mountain thinking that it is just way to high to climb? But nothing is impossible when you take one step at a time! Visualize your dream. Picture yourself waking up tomorrow and living your dream. Fantasize how you will feel like once you accomplished your dream. Imagine in detail how life will be different. What would you do in the morning? What would your afternoon look like? Now start thinking about how to reach that dream by setting goals that meet the criteria of the 3Ms. Have goals that are measureable, manageable, and motivating. Evaluating your goals with the 3Ms in mind will ensure that you never put too much on your plate; hence increasing the likelihood that you will indeed reach your goal. And ultimately, achieving goals gives you the boost in confidence and determination needed to go on and achieve what first seemed impossible.

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