Inspirational Quotes: Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Inspirational Quotes: Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Inspirational Quotes: Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

– Coco Chanel



Sometimes, we end up buying stuff not for our pleasure but to impress others. You really need to ask yourself as to how justified this logic really is. Sure enough, we all love to indulge in luxury items, but are they really any good, if you end up burning more money than the budget you have in mind? The best luxury shopping are the ones which you can afford.

I have always been a shopaholic all my life and I often end up shopping on impulses. I still remember how I once bought a Gucci bag despite the fact that I ended up eating into my bank account. I spent a horrible month as I had to cut down even on my basic necessities. It made me learn that such a shopping experience gave me nothing but terrible memories. That was the time I learnt that luxury should always be comfortable. The Gucci bag never gave me happiness because it didn’t really fit me.

It is not wrong to splurge on your shopping needs from time to time. However, if your bank balance doesn’t permits splurging so lavishly, you need to know where to draw a line. We make our necessities to be so much more than what they really are. I could have very easily bought a stylish bag for much less and could have enjoyed the little pleasures all throughout the month, if only I had known where to draw the line when it came to luxury shopping.

So, the next time you are indulging in luxury items, know what you can afford and what fits your budget and then make the smart move. When you are buying things that suit your budget, it is surely going to help you live a life which will be lot happier.

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Motivational Quotes: To Become a Better Person

Motivational Quotes: To Become a Better Person

Motivational Quotes: To Become a Better Person

“In order for you to become a better person, tell yourself I will start doing things right”


We all want to become a better person, but we are not prepared to do something about it. You need to know that if you desire to become a better person, you will have to bring in the right kind of changes. Do not expect to sit around and do nothing and miraculously get a great life.

When you understand the need to do things in an articulate manner, you will find a new wave of change and this in turn is going to help you a lot. If you keep on messing things up and you are involved in wrong activities, how do you expect yourself to be a better person?

I remember there was a time when I fell in bad company. I used to bully others and even passed spiteful comments on some of my classmates. It wasn’t until I had a change of school that I realized how bad it felt. I went through the same thing which I subjected others to and then realized that I needed to be a better person. However, merely realizing was not enough. As I was picked by people in my new school, I vowed to make them understand what wrongs they were doing. So, I narrated my tale, said sorry to the ones I had inadvertently hurt and made people realize that life is too short to pick quarrels or hurt others. As I started doing things right, the behavior of people towards me changed. Today, I live a happier life and I am surrounded with too much of goodness around.

I know that whatever we do, it comes back to us. So, if you want to be a better person, you need to start doing the right things. The results will soon color your life.

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Motivational Quotes: Be miserable or motivate yourself

Motivational Quotes: Be miserable or motivate yourself

“Be miserable or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s your choice.” – Wayne Dyer


Life is all about the choices we make. Many a times, you may find yourself in situations wherein you need to make a decision. It is these decisive situations which will finally pave the path for the fate you live.

If you are living a miserable life, the reason is YOU. Similarly, if you have a great life and you love what you have made of yourself, you have every reason to grin. God has vested enough power in us to be the creator of our own Destiny. Each one of us are assigned the same 24 hours a day and yet there are people who lead the world and there are ones who endlessly fail. The only difference between them is the choices they make. No one is born with superpowers and the base of our genetic framework is same. All that truly separates an individual from another has to be the choices that govern their life.

I remember a period of time in my life when I was utterly depressed and even contemplated putting an end to the same. However, it was during one of those sessions with the therapists that I realized that life is a gift and I have chosen to waste it so far. I had never wished for such a story. That was the day when I decided I had a choice to make. I could either let this wonderful gift slip away or cherish every moment of it. In that split instant, I made a choice. I chose to live and today, I am proud of who I am. I may not be famous for the world but my heart knows I have been brave and that is all the motivation I need, to go on with my life.

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Motivational Quotes: The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


A lot of people believe largely in stars, destiny and fate. Sure enough, there are things that are beyond our will, but does it mean that we should not even try and simply give up because we believe that what is destined to happen will eventually happen.

It is high time that we put in our best and work really hard to become who we are capable of being. Life is essentially a journey and it is upon you to make the most out of it. The decision as to whether you will choose happiness or sadness isn’t merely decided by what is written in your fate. The decision has to be made by you.

You can rule your stars and you are the creator of your own destiny. I remember vividly that I was once in disarray because there were too many diverging roads and I didn’t know which one would lead me to my goal. People told me that I should let fate decide, but it was in that instant of time that I finally realized that fate is nothing but a figment of my imagination.

In that instant, when I was baffled and confused as I had too many choices, I decided I wanted to be a writer because that is what my calling was. Despite having a degree in software engineering, I gave up the suffocating clutches of the corporate world and decided to walk the path less trodden. I must say that has made all the difference. If I had let it go and thought that fate will make me choose, I might still be stuck doing a job I didn’t love and thereby living a life that wasn’t mine.

I am glad I chose to be the person I wanted to be!

Inspirational Quotes: “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Marilyn Monroe

Inspirational Quotes: It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

Inspirational Quotes: It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

– Marilyn Monroe


Life is a really short journey and no one comes out of it alive. You do not really know as to what is going to happen tomorrow and this is why one must live life the way it comes. What is the point living a boring life because when it finally ends, you will have nothing eventful to recall.

It doesn’t matters if the stuff you do look ridiculous to others. What really matters is that you should live your life in a way that makes you happy being who you are. Life is an experience which we always recollect during the end.

I am 25 and even today when I recall some of the best events of my life; it always includes the fun times which I spent with my friends and my sister. Some of my happiest moments aren’t the ones spent sitting alone in front of my office desk and doing boring work; it is the ecstatic prank we played on our college junior and laughed our hearts out or the fun time when we crashed a wedding and even that one event when I made  fool of myself by singing out loud even though I am tone deaf.

Life is really fun when you learn to do happy things, no matter how ridiculous it seems!

Inspirational Quotes: Ever wondered my climbing takes longer than falling

Inspirational Quotes: Ever wondered my climbing takes longer than falling

Inspirational Quotes: Ever wondered my climbing takes longer than falling


Where are you are heading to?

Who are you? Seriously. What do you stand for? What is important for you in life? What kind of person do you want be? What kind of person are you right now? Do you know your values? Do you act according to what you value most? Theory says that the more one acts according to his value, the happier this person will be. But what exactly are values?


Values there are like lighthouses guiding the traveller at sea. They show us where we need to go to. But can we ever truly accomplish a value? Can we reach it? Think about it for a moment or two.

Maybe you are a parent and ‘being a good parent’ would seem like a plausible value to you. Is there ever going to be a point in your life when you are done being a good parent? When you have fulfilled all the requirements and passed all the tests so that you can do everything but being a good parent? Maybe you see yourself being an honest person. That would certainly qualify as a value as well. Is there, ever, going to be a time when you told the truth enough times; when you have accomplished being an honest person so that from here on out you no longer need to tell the truth?


When it comes to values there is no such point. Values are everlasting. They are important directions that we are moving in but we will never reach a point of destination. It is an ongoing pursuit that cannot end in success if success is understood in terms of reaching a goal; because a goal is something that has a clear ending. Unlike values, goals can be achieved. They always come with “expiry dates”. Ideally, and in order to live a happy and fulfilled life, our goals would need to be aligned to those values.


Therefore, the essence of living a happy life is a lifelong climb towards our values equipped with goals that bring us closer to our values instead of taking us further away.

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Inspirational Quotes: I am ME and that is all I have to be

Inspirational Quotes: I am ME and that is all I have to be

Inspirational Quotes: I am ME and that is all I have to be


Humans come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and preferences. But no one, not a single person, on this earth filled with over 7 billion people is exactly like you. There might be people who share your interest, your passion, your body weight, or your color of hair. But even the utmost similarities will not add up for that person to be just like you. You are unique and everything you did, everything you do, and everything you will do is essentially yours.

All about you is entirely yours. You own your successes and your failures. You own your feelings may they be anger or love. You own your body and you alone decide what it is doing. You own your mind and all the thoughts, images and dreams it creates. All the lights and shadows inside you, you own them too. Embrace who you are for there will never be a person like you. Get to know all of what you own. Meet all the different sides of you. Chat with the nasty you, say hello to the kind you, and give a huge hug to the anxious you.

You own yourself, each and every little part of it, so go ahead and engineer yourself. Do you feel like laughing? Laugh! Do you feel like crying? Cry! Do you feel like loving? Love! And along the way, remember that all you are saying, thinking, or doing in a particular moment that is all you and you alone own it. Don’t make excuses and don’t wait on the approval of others! Stand up for all the facets of your being. Get to that inner strength and inner calmness. Listen to the voice inside that is telling you: You are you and you are okay! You are all you have to be today!

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Inspirational Quotes: About the impossibility of pleasing others

Inspirational Quotes: About the impossibility of pleasing others

Isn’t it funny how humans feel the need to be accepted and to be loved? Children crave for their parent’s approval by violently shouting “Mommy look, mommy look here”. Even as adults, we are ready to embark on long and exhausting journeys just to please others in order for them to have a good opinion about us and to love us back. We are seeking harmony and in doing so there is a risk of getting lost in trying to please everybody. When saying “no” seems an insuperable barrier think about this story:


“A man was riding on his donkey with his son walking next to him. They were heading home when they encountered a hiker who said: “That is not right. How come you are riding the donkey? As the father you have stronger limbs than your son.” The man immediately jumped off the donkey and allowed his son to take his place. Shortly after that, they encountered another hiker who said: “That is not right son. How come you are riding the donkey? As the son one you have younger legs”. Then they both sat and rode on the donkey until a third hiker came along who said: “What a torment my eyes see. How come two men are riding on that poor donkey? Someone should take a stick and chase you off that weak thing.” Ashamed, they both went off of the donkey and continued going by foot with the donkey in the middle of them. Finally, a forth hiker crossed their path and said: “What a odd sight. Isn’t it enough if two of you are walking by foot? Wouldn’t it easier if one was riding?” The man and his son then tied the front and the back legs of the donkey together and fixed them to a tree stake to carry the donkey on their shoulders all the way home.”


What good did listening to all opinions do? Eventually, we can’t stop people from having opinions but we can stop their opinions from having an impact on our life (unless we allow it).

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10 Meme Quotes that will keep you Laughing

10 Meme Quotes that will keep you Laughing

Are you ready to laugh? Well that’s good, because we just discovered some hilarious meme quotes that are sure to tickle your funny bone. So what you are waiting for? Brace yourself for some gut-busting entertainment and then scroll down the page and let the laughs commence. We gathered together ten of the funniest memes that we could find. We went to the ends of the internet and back, but we couldn’t find anything funnier than this. Okay, not really, but these memes are pretty funny. If you think you could do better, use the link to make a hilarious meme and if it really is hysterical, we will be sure to feature you on our next list.

funny meme quotes

meme quotes

meme quotes

meme quotes

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meme quotes

meme quotes

meme quotes

meme quotes

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10 Written Quotes to Wish Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day

10 Written Quotes to Wish Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day

 To all the Mom’s Mothers, Mama, or however we call them. We, the children just want to say congratulations for being the best Mom in the world!

They say that our mothers are the light of our life, which is true. They guide and nurture us from the time we were conceived until we were born and even if we, their children are already adults, and have children of our own as well.

In our society today, being a woman is already hard enough, nevertheless when a woman becomes a mother. Life becomes tougher, yet it is the most fulfilling job in the world as a woman.

They take care of their children, from giving them baths, changing their diapers, cooking every meal for their family, (even if some mom’s don’t cook- they still think of a way how to prepare food and feed their family), clean the house. Not only does she physically take care of us, her children, but she also nurtures us, instill(s) in us from what is right, and wrong. She is always there for us, to catch us when we fall, to explain to us our failures and how we can learn and rise from our mistakes. She is like a teacher, psychologist, counselor, that never gets paid, however you never hear her complain.

There are different kinds of mothers, there are mom’s that are like your best-friends, mom’s that are like soldiers , working-moms, single moms.

Mothers take their children to school, and be at every event their kid has in school, whether it is a talent show, soccer, basketball game or whatever sports competition their son or daughter has.

Even if sometimes we have fights with her (our moms), she still forgives us, and continues to be our friend, our rock, our mother, and just be there for us to support us in everything we do.

They see to it that they are there to support and encourage their children, even if she has to work or even if she’s just a house-wife mom or a single mom.

Whatever kind of mother you are: Mama, Mom, Mother, Mamita, we may not say it often, but before it is too late,  we the children just want to say thank you and we love you!

Here are some mother’s day quotes you will love:

1. My biggest challenge every day is to be a great mother and a great business woman

– Tory Burch

2. Working mothers do an hour more per day than working fathers do and working mothers do on average an hour more per day with the kids than working fathers do.

– James Levine

3. At work, you think of the children you have left at home. At home, you think of the work you’ve left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself. Your heart is rent.

– Inspirational Quotes on Mothers Day by: Golda Meir

4. Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their heart forever.

– Inspirational Quotes on Mothers Day by: Unknown

5. We never the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves.

– Inspirational Quotes on Mothers Day by: Henry Ward Beecher

6. I got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in me.

– Antonio Villaraigosa

7. I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.

– Abraham Lincoln

8. My mother is definitely my rock.

– Alicia Keys

9. Never marry a man who hates his mother, because he’ll end up hating you.

– Jill Bennett

10. The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

– Rajneesh

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