Motivational Quotes: I want to Look Young Forever

Motivational Quotes: I want to Look Young Forever

Motivational Quotes: I want to Look Young Forever


Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.

Coco Chanel



Don’t we all desire to look young all throughout our life? Every human heart craves to be beautiful, but are you really prepared to do what it takes to stay forever young. When you’re 20, you would have a natural beauty because your face is young and you feel alive and awesome. However, it is the way you take care of yourself when you’re 20 that will shape who you are and who you become when you are fifty.

I realized in my twenties that if I didn’t eat right, by the time, I will be thirty; I will detest my own refection in the mirror. Look at Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford or the ever young and stylish Madonna. They seem to have defied the laws of age because they still look like they are drinking the fountain of youth.

They were my inspiration and so I am very particular of the food I eat, the exercises I perform. I start my day with yoga and today, as I am approaching 30; I still smile at the way I look. Being young is a choice and you need to do your bit to stay the same.

At 20, you may be reckless and pay no heed to your skin. Maybe, you would get off with it, but as time passes your beauty will begin to fade. If you want to look stunning and young even when age is catching up on you, the work needs to be done right in your prime. I did my bit and I am happy at the reflection that stares back at me in my mirror. Eat right, smile more, exercise and you will always look young. When you are fifty but you look like 20, the compliments you will get will make you feel like you could rule the world.


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