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Inspirational Quotes: Start by doing what is necessary before the impossible

One Step at a Time

Have you ever had a dream that seemed impossible to reach? Have you been told to stop dreaming and start living in reality? Did you ever stand at the foot of the mountain thinking that it is just way to high to climb? But nothing is impossible when you take one step at a time! Visualize your dream. Picture yourself waking up tomorrow and living your dream. Fantasize how you will feel like once you accomplished your dream. Imagine in detail how life will be different. What would you do in the morning? What would your afternoon look like? Now start thinking about how to reach that dream by setting goals that meet the criteria of the 3Ms. Have goals that are measureable, manageable, and motivating. Evaluating your goals with the 3Ms in mind will ensure that you never put too much on your plate; hence increasing the likelihood that you will indeed reach your goal. And ultimately, achieving goals gives you the boost in confidence and determination needed to go on and achieve what first seemed impossible.

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6 Regular Habits to keep you Confident and Happy

6 Regular Habits to keep you Confident and Happy

Sometimes, when we see a confident and happy person, we think they are born naturally like that. However, one must work towards creating a happy and confident lifestyle. Here are some tips that can help you create a confident and happy self.

1. Work on Something New Every Day:

confident and happy

Sometimes, doing things over and over can create a boring habit, and this leads to low self-confidence and unhappiness. Focus on things that excite you even if you are not experiencing them at your work place. Join events and activities that keep you happy, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

2. Dress Confidently

confident and happy

Unfortunately, people first judge us by the way we dress and compose ourselves in public. So we must learn how to dress confidently. The way we dress goes hand in hand with anxiety. When we dress down we feel stressed or lack confidence.  Try to work on wearing comfortable and appropriate clothing.

3. Speak Confidently with your Head up High

speak confidently

Speaking confidently is very important whether we are with our family, coworkers, or friends. When you speak confidently, you attract respect and followers. Just imagine being in a circle of friends, and you notice that your opinions are never heard. Practice voicing your opinions a bit louder and speaking with authority. Another key aspect of speaking skills is to watch what you say to others. You must learn emotional intelligence and how to voice your opinions without hurting the other person.

4. Display a Confident Body Language

display a confident body language

Your body language communicates a lot about who you are. Do you always feel that your opinions are never heard? This is because of the way you communicate with others using your body language. Do you communicate with negative body language signs such as crossing your hands while making a conversation or displaying a sluggish composure? Here is a blog that mention negative signs of body language. You can use it to correct some common mistakes you make so you can become a more confident person.

5. Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others:

avoid comparing yourself to others

It is natural for us to compare ourselves to others because in our society, we are bombarded with media and social networks full of beautiful and talented people who have these perceived perfect lives. You must remember that you can create a life for yourself where you are happy for who you are. Focus on who you are and what you want to accomplish in life. Take good care of yourself, and always see yourself in a positive light. Then you will notice that you have become a happier person.

6. Say Positive Words to Yourself Every Day

say positive words to yourself everyday

Sometimes, due to life’s challenges, we feel discouraged and overwhelmed, and we develop negative thoughts. This is completely natural, and it is part of life. However, remember that you must protect yourself from negative thoughts because they won’t help you. When you are feeling discouraged, look for a statement you can always say to yourself to uplift you, such as “I deserve to be happy,” and “I am born to succeed.” You will find that when you say positive thoughts to yourself, you are able to create a positive light in your life.

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